1. Hey Babe!


  2. This little piggy went home with me.

    Meet Tyrion Percival the Great, our new snoring baby. 😊


  3. Talikogenic


  4. Freedom Tower through the viewfinder #TTV #911Memorial


  5. #Spiderman was asking for tips.


  6. Live!


  7. Where the wild things are


  8. Runaway train


  9. Finished developing my b&w film from last year in time for this year’s trip. 😎


  10. While London have the Eraserheads reunion concert, Manila gets @MoonpoolsAndCaterpillars! Fair trade! 😄

    Jay, Gugut, Kimi and Tim, you guys were amazeballs! See you again on Friday! 👋 #moonpoolsandcaterpillars